by scottydeux, who also offered up some fightin’ words.

I find myself dreaming of terrible things that Baio has done.  It’s hard to imagine how much he has destroyed in his relentless attempt for world domination.  And he can only be quelled by humiliation.  I will die fighting for this cause!”

by Mutiny of Preverts

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Seriously hilarious stuff! Here’s to the Baios seeing this site and realizing that the power of laughter is much stronger than the power of their hateful speech.

"…attached please find what the jerk did to Coca-Cola! DAMN YOU SCOTT BAIO!!”

by Mutiny of Preverts

by Jewel64

by Jewel64

by David

Yes. Baio just ruined heaven, but he’s praying for you still!

Hopefully you have some fans of Bones in your audience.”

by Parenthetical

I am sure we do!

by scottydeux